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Porteplume can create new locations I suppose because she is a moderator, but I cannot not on main and not on the beta site.
To clarify: I use both sites because both some advantages and disadvantages.
For uploading photos, filling the meta data including locations I use the main site and creating new location does not work there. I use beta Trek Earth for watching photos due to bigger size and better quality, for checking number of points, and for writing comments since for example beta site displays page numbers both on top and at the bottom of page while main site only at the bottom which is annoying: if I want to know what page I am on on the main TE I need to scroll down to the bottom.

Regarding the location selection:
The country, one has to declare at the upload which is annoying because you cannot change it later if you made a mistake. County (not country) must be selected from drop-down menu, further an additional location can be selected from an existing list or in the past you could create a new one by typing it in. Of course the problem with the last one is that people make so many mistakes and they misspell names or there are names of London in French or Spanish, Londres etc but nevertheless it is there...

There are extra problems with the locations because for example USA, you choose state and then you can select a town, while in smaller countries you can select counties. For example for Greece if you select county it will be e.g. Dodecanissons so then you can choose the island like Kos meaning you cannot select town. For Kos it does not matter but for bigger islands which actually have towns it creates extra confusion because some people place photos under the name of an island like Santorini or Thira while other under a town Oia or something. Also most countries have some major cities selected which appear on the country map with a blue dot. This is quite random, not related to size or being famous. Also when you have Berlin county: it shows Berlin as a blue dot as well, but if you have Hamburg county the dot for the city is not displayed. I am not sure if it is entirely clear for people who don't use the website.

Nevertheless the system of maps and locations is quite extraordinary. There is no other place which would have county maps with such level of detail. Ironically many users I talked to are not even aware of it... Sadly the main world map is tiny and not readable except for bigger countries. But there are further funny issues with maps for example when you visit a county which has a long name the country map gets trimmed. There is also an option of hovering over county name -which displays the contours of the county but since the map of the country is fixed on top of the page -when you visit more counties than fit on one page and you scroll down -you don't see the map anymore. Also the reverse option would be nice (hovering over the map to get the name of the county highlighted).
The world map could be interactive like that as well.
Please note that sometimes I use word COUNTRY and sometimes COUNTY.

Anyway these are some of the ideas how to make it more interactive but I know nobody is interesting in improving it -merely to keep it as is, and even that seems to be quite challenging. It is definitely of of the reasons so many people left.

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