Missing TE Member

  • Hello Evertone, I just wondered if anyone knows what has happened to Stephen Nunney, (snunney) . He seems to have disappeared from the site, after being a very regular contributor. Regards, Bev
  • Snunney
    Hello Bev,
    I have only just read your forum entry. Indeed, I had noticed Stephen had been absent for a while.
    Mind you, this happens to quite a few members who finally come back.
    Anyway, I have written to him via the contact button on his profile page. Perhaps you had done that before.
    I just hope he is OK.
    Kind regards.
  • Snunney
    Good idea, MarieLouise, have you had a reply? xx Bev
  • He answered me straight away actually, and allowed me to write the reason of his absence on the forum. Here is a copy-and-paste of his answer.

    " Thank you for your interest. Having broken my leg on holiday in Cuba earlier this year and still recuperating, I am taking break from TE for the time being.
    Kind regards,
    Stephen ".
    We can only wish him the best of recoveries.
    Have a good weekend.
  • About Stephen
    Good idea to have heard from our friend Stephen ...
    Some members leave TE out of weariness and others for a very special reason: busy schedules, travel or serious health issues, as is the case for Stephen.
    I join you in wishing him a quick recovery.
  • Missing Member
    Thank you, MarieLouise, I hope Stepen will soon recover.
    We have missed him and look forward to his return.

    Regards, Bev xxx