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2014-08-02: 6 years on TE: a good street photographer must be possessed of many talents: an eye for details, light and composition: impeccable timing: a populist or humatarian outlook: and a tireless ability to constantly shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot and never miss a moment - first inner page the book " Vivian Maier - Street photographer" (Geof Dyer)

2102-10-11: 1000 pictures (still remaining, some have been killed by the moderators!)posted in 50 months, so 5 images per week, I got 22 smileys per image i-e 11 persons/photograph happy of my work (there is much room for improvement!); 13000 critics written, 387 workshops issued (this tool is not so often used here).
Sometimes I feel sad because many good photographers have left this site to create their own one or post on other websites.
Why? Look at the 3 sentences written by ex TE members:

- "After to have balanced the pros and the cons for a long time, I decided to leave trekearth, who cannot make me any more progress in the style which is mine"
Many many pictures are boring postcards as could say Martin Parr!

- "I am not very active in TE anymore just because of this: THIS is the attitude that is killing this site. I joined this site because it was mainly a site for photographers. Now it is just a site of friends, that care very little about photography"

- "Though, after a long period of great street (and even postcard) photography full of exciting dynamism and tireless experimentation along with long debates sometimes going even philosophical, TE has finally settled down turning into a postcard site, snaphots in general, maybe this was already what it was designed to be, and those members of the past were some unexpected surprises for us."

2012-01-06: if you intend to go to Bordeaux or in the area, please contact me, we can perhaps spend a few hours together.

2008-08-02 J'habite une ville en p閞iph閞ie de Bordeaux. Je me suis int閞ess la photo en 1964 quand mes parents m'ont offert No雔 1963 un KODAK Instamatic.
Je suis assez 閏lectique sur mes sujets, je touche tout!
Mes gouts:
Merci de votre visite. TOUS les commentaires sont les bienvenus

Quand vous rencontrez un photographe, ne lui dites jamais "pour faire des photos comme 鏰, vous devez avoir un sacr mat閞iel!" Cette phrase laisse sous entendre que le talent du photographe se r閟ume sa capacit d'acheter un bon appareil photo. Il est vrai que le mat閞iel a son importance, mais le cadrage, le choix du sujet, l'閏lairage, l'action, bref tout ce qui fait l'閙otion d'une photo, sont l'initiative du photographe. (R閙y Basque). A m閐iter
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