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mkamionka 05-03-2022 03:24 PM

To PaulVDV: quads and photography
Hi Paul,
Sticking together in a group of quads was not necessarily to avoid getting lost. There was one moment for example when the guide told us to follow him very precisely. We drove on top of a dune and there was a steep slope down which would be not possible to notice while driving in, the colors were all the same. I don't think one would survive such a high jump.
Sometimes the quads got stuck in the sand as well, we were digging the quads twice out of the sand. My wife recorded a short movie with a camcorder in which one can spot me stopping the quad, but for the driving itself I was hiding the camera in the trunk because it was shaking, with a lot of dust etc. (The camcorder was older and cheaper). I had a moment when even with glasses on, the previous quad threw so much dust in the air that I had to blink very fast to be able to see anything ahead of me. So we needed a longer break to be able to take out the camera and take photos. I think we had enough breaks for a normal person standards but for any TE member you need many more breaks for taking extra photos :)

PaulVDV 05-06-2022 06:05 PM

Thanks for the information Mariusz,

Were there any other tourists outside your group?
And were there none who climbed the dunes on foot?

The highest dunes I ever climbed and then walked down were in Dunhuang, western China.
For me that was a spectacular descent. The climb was difficult.

On occasion, just look at pictures of Dunhuang on Google. They're really huge.
There was also a small temple near an artificial lake.
A very nice place in the desert in China.
Currently no longer an option.

Kind regards,

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