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Keitht 03-05-2021 09:25 AM

Copy & paste note not acceptable.
There have been a few instances recently where we have removed images because the accompanying note has been entirely copied and pasted from another source.
Notes should be mainly those of the photographer, and additional informatin about the location added after, ideally as a link.

lucasgalodoido 03-05-2021 01:45 PM

For us, users of this site, the neglect of the IB is also not acceptable...

I don't know what the purpose of being concerned with this question of "notes" ... so much more important things here doesn't work and we don't even have answers.

Keitht 03-05-2021 03:01 PM

lucas, IB are responsible for the functionality, or not, of the site and we Mods can't control that. We try to keep the images and information posted on the site in accordance with the Terms of Service (TOS).

burmaman 03-22-2021 05:49 PM

copy and paste
Hello Keith!
"Copy & paste note not acceptable."
We try to keep the images and information posted on the site in accordance with the Terms of Service (TOS).

I agree with you, but what do you do about it?
In the forum there are some contributions from you and “Porteblume” on the subject of “copy and paste notes”.
I have a couple of questions:
Could you please define what is a copy and paste large sections of text from other sites?
And what is a short passage?
Can you count to 40? "All photos must contain a note of a minimum of 40 characters in order to be uploaded." in the member's own words.
How many photos and notes do you look at? It's only 20-30 a day.
Every week I see several photos of the same members, whose notes do not match the TOS. I'll give you an example: an original note, written last week. Is that long or short?
Are there own words, more than 40 letters?

Baron Samuel von Brukenthal (1721-1803) was the only exponent of the Saxon community of Transylvania who was assigned important public positions in the Austrian state led by Empress Maria Teresa (1717-1780), the first position being that of Chancellor of the Court. from Transylvania.

The period he spent in Vienna as such coincides with the period of creation of his collection of paintings, mentioned in 1773 in the Vienna Almanac as one of the most valuable private collections that could be admired in the Viennese cultural environment of the time.

The original collections of Baron von Brukenthal (consisting of an art gallery, a printing press, a library and a numismatic collection) were born mainly between 1759 and 1774. Little is known about its constitution, the first records of acquisitions of paintings from the documents of the Brukenthal family appeared in 1770, when the nucleus of the art gallery should already be formed.

Appointed Governor of the Grand Principality of Transylvania, a position he held between 1777 and 1787, Samuel von Brukenthal built a late Baroque palace in Sibiu, modeled after the Viennese palaces.

Sibiu's National Brukenthal Museum is based in the city's main square, the Piata Mare, in the former palace of Samuel Von Brukenthal. The collections were exposed to the public in 1817, that is to say, it is the oldest private foundation in the country. It is a set of six museums, located everywhere in Sibiu. The art galleries are inside the Brukenthal palace, and you can admire more than 1,200 paintings and sculptures by the great European masters.

They date from the 15th to 18th centuries. The palace also houses the library with 300,000 documents, some of which are very valuable. The other museums are the history museum and the pharmacology museum, installed in the oldest pharmacy in the city.


El barón Samuel von Brukenthal (1721-1803) fue el único exponente de la comunidad sajona de Transilvania a quien se le asignaron importantes cargos públicos en el estado austriaco dirigido por la emperatriz María Teresa (1717-1780), siendo el primer cargo el de canciller de la corte. de Transilvania.

El período que pasó en Viena como tal coincide con el período de creación de su colección de pinturas, mencionada en 1773 en el Almanaque de Viena como una de las colecciones privadas más valiosas que podrían admirarse en el entorno cultural vienes de la época.

Las colecciones originales del barón von Brukenthal (que consisten en una galería de arte, una imprenta, una biblioteca y una colección numismática) nacieron principalmente entre 1759 y 1774. Poco se sabe sobre su constitución, los primeros registros de adquisiciones de pinturas de los documentos de la familia Brukenthal aparecidas en 1770, cuando ya debía estar formado el núcleo de la pinacoteca.

Nombrado gobernador del Gran Principado de Transilvania, cargo que ocupó entre 1777 y 1787, Samuel von Brukenthal construyó un palacio de estilo barroco tardío en Sibiu, siguiendo el modelo de los palacios vieneses.

El museo nacional Brukenthal de Sibiu tiene su sede en la plaza mayor, la Piata Mare de la ciudad, en el antiguo palacio de Samuel Von Brukenthal. Las colecciones fueron expuestas al público en 1817, es decir que es la más antigua fundación privada del país. Es un conjunto de seis museos, situados por todos lados en Sibiu. Las galerías de arte están dentro del palacio Brukenthal, y puedes admirar más de 1200 pinturas y esculturas de los grandes maestros europeos.

Datan del siglo XV a XVIII. En el palacio también se encuentra la biblioteca con 300000 documentos, algunos muy valiosos. Los demás museos son el museo de historia, y el de farmacología, instalado en la más vieja farmacia de la ciudad

Greetings, Ronny

burmaman 03-30-2021 05:35 PM

WOW!!!! That's what I call a moderation team.
7 questions and no answer after 8 days.
Respect for this achievement !!!!!
But no matter, I'm negotiating with IB and from 04.04. Easter Sunday I`ll be the new owner of trekearth. And there will be new rules (TOS).
I bought trekearth for 2 cents.

burmaman 09-22-2021 03:40 PM

6 month later.....
Hi Keith

Exactly 6 months ago today I asked you a few questions here in the forum.
Nothing happened.
Is that the point of the forum?
Is it the task of moderators to leave questions like this?
Oh yes, just like every day a photo with a long copy and paste note without 40 characters of its own reappeared.
I hope you are doing well, but maybe the internet is so slow on this strange island in the north sea because it is sooooooo far from Europe.
Greetings from the continent,

mcmtanyel 06-29-2022 10:09 PM

Why Remove Images?
Why remove the whole image? You can remove the offending note.

Keitht 06-30-2022 07:44 AM

The answer is very simple. A major purpose of the site is to learn about the world through photography. We want the photographers words and explanation of the photograph, not something cut from a 3rd party source. That is why simply removing the note doesn't address the problem. That is all explained in the T&C.

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