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Default Re: patrick farrell

interesting they are only called provocative on the Pulitzer site
... i think it's a well deserved award, too
i like him - the compositions are as true as can be, 'down to the bone' and of course, technically impeccable (if you check the link bellow - there are 60 more)

Troubles on the island (Haiti) have become so familiar that routine news reports drew little notice for much of last year. With a growing economic storm of our own, this country seemed to lose interest in playing the supportive role it has over many years.
So Jacquie (reporter Jacqueline Charles) and Patrick (photographer Patrick Farrell ) were the only international journalists around when they set off at daybreak on Sept. 9 in the aftermath of the fourth storm in 30 days. They heard they should go to Cabaret, a tiny mountain village up the coast from Port-au-Prince.
Almost immediately, they found that the flooding in the countryside was more extensive than anyone knew, bridges were out and passage was nearly impossible.
They had to guess where the road was as water rose up to the hood of their SUV. The last part of the trip, they followed a local teenager guiding them by foot in water up to his chest.
They arrived to find a devastated village, with horrific scenes emerging as the water receded. In one place, they found the bodies of a dozen young children. Altogether, 70 people died in Cabaret alone, a third of them children.

''It was like a war zone,'' Jacquie said. ``People were walking around in a daze.''

'I kept thinking, `This just can't be,' '' said Patrick.

... <a href="" target=_blank>read the whole story here</a>
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