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Default To Royaldevon: No damages

Thank you Beverley,

I did not notice any vandalism in the artworks I saw by the sea.
I think the risk of damage is more likely to exist in big cities where we do find a lot of ugly and pointless graffiti on walls and doors.

Specifically for Belgium, we have a lot of damage to statues of the former King Leopold II because of the atrocities committed in Congo at that time.
However, this form of damage has a different cause.
Statues of Leopold II are now being removed in many places and streets or squares named after him get a new name.
But that has a completely different cause.

It seems understandable to me that people from in or around London look for a quieter place to live after retiring. Still surprising that they then go to the north of the country.

Of all the nationalities who will live in a more southerly country after retirement, I think the British are the most numerous.

Kind regards,
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