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I don't live in Paris, and I am not in Paris at the moment. I was there about two months ago.
However, if you look in my gallery of French photos at (concentratre on Ile de France photos) you will see I have spent much time in Paris and France over the last few years and taken many photos. You might get some good ideas about places to go from my photos.
I can reccomend:

A cruise on the St-Martin Canal ( )
A walk through the Marais district.
Ile St-Louis (where you can buy great ice-cream!) - walk along Rue St-Louis from east to west and then across the pedestrian bridge to Ile de la Cite where you will find the Notre Dame.
I also like very much the left (south) bank of the Seine River at a place called Port de la Tournelles, where I took this photo - It is my favourite place in Paris, especially in the evening or very late afternoon. It's very close to Notre Dame.

In one day you cannot do everything. But these things I have mentioned are all quite close together. You can catch the canal cruise from outside the Jaures Metro station, and I should finish near the Bastille. It is the most interesting thing I have done in Paris.
Most tourists go to the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and Notre Dame. But I prefer more quiet places and typical street scenes. It is quite safe to walk around with a camera, but be careful when crossing the road because some drivers think they do not have to stop for red lights !


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