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Default To Burnham: Cell phone suits you...

I have a good friend who is 26 years old and I can't imagine him without a cell phone. I understand that young folks your age rely on them to make your social lives work. You need to stay in touch as you plan and reflect on what is happening. There are relatively few moments when I wish I had a cell phone, but more often than not I'm happy that no one can reach me until I'm ready to be reached. My life is slow enough that I don't need to keep current, to plan the next event. So I nod in appreciation for the value of the damned things for some purposes and for folks connected to the social swirl. My life works quite well without them.

On another matter, I'm of the impression that you have some Nikon lenses to use with your D70 whenever that day arrives. Not to worry at the moment, since you're borrowing your dad's equipment before hitting the road. If you decide to visit SF, please let me know. I don't have room to put anyone up, but it would be lovely to meet you in person and give you a bit of a tour. There is a hostel at Marin Headlands that is quite lovely. I know such matters are far in the future, but just for you to know.

If you had the opportunity to head to India for a period of time, grab it! India is surely one of the magical places on this planet, as we learn over and over again from the images posted from the region. I imagine you would like to use your Spanish in Chile, which from all I hear is a very beautiful place as well. In India, of course, you would use your English. Such exciting possibilities! Good for you.
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