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Default Re: Learning about the world through advertisement

Hi Dennis,
it is not "just you", it is me, too... and looks like many other TE members, as well!
Besides, it is very slow. I can get rid of all kinds of advertisements so I don't see any of them now (thanks to my router and Ad Block and other built-in features in the browser which remove ads). But....
The main question is: what is this site about, now?.. Quite a mess, imho.
I wonder if, after joining TE exactly 1 year ago, I will have to quit it, if I can't bring myself to adjust to the new design.
So far I can not see any alternative photo-website which would offer the same features (and especially such interaction among its members), but... well.. words fail me.
I saw the new design at the very beginning as it was a Beta site. There were many suggestions, but looks like some of them (most useful) were not "heard".
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