To Royaldevon: No damages

  • Thank you Beverley,

    I did not notice any vandalism in the artworks I saw by the sea.
    I think the risk of damage is more likely to exist in big cities where we do find a lot of ugly and pointless graffiti on walls and doors.

    Specifically for Belgium, we have a lot of damage to statues of the former King Leopold II because of the atrocities committed in Congo at that time.
    However, this form of damage has a different cause.
    Statues of Leopold II are now being removed in many places and streets or squares named after him get a new name.
    But that has a completely different cause.

    It seems understandable to me that people from in or around London look for a quieter place to live after retiring. Still surprising that they then go to the north of the country.

    Of all the nationalities who will live in a more southerly country after retirement, I think the British are the most numerous.

    Kind regards,
  • Retirement
    Thank you for your thoughtful reply, Paul.

    I am pretty sure that the people who come north are very pleasantly surprised by the scenic benefits of the countryside, the lower volume of traffic (sadly starting to get worse) and the friendly characteristics of northerners.
    For some reason, southerners still believe that Lancashire is a mass of cotton mills, with tall chimneys belching smoke! 😂

    The weather is warmer and drier in the south but it is a balancing act of which adjustments make you happiest.

    Kind regards,
    Bev :-)