To PaulVDV: Missed a lot of the show

  • Hi Paul,
    I have to admit that I was so busy trying to take a decent photo there that I missed a lot of the show itself. Ha ha
    The presentation was projected on all the walls and floor as well. At this moment I think there were multiple portraits of the artist presented one after another while on the left I see the drawing for one of his popular paintings.
    I guess on the floor must be some of his drawings as well? But it is hard to tell indeed
    Kind regards,
  • Thank you Mariusz,

    Yes, I saw the projection of the large drawing on the wall and I tried to imagine that what we saw on the floor was also a projection.
    But those lines on the floor continue all the way under the seats of the visitors. Is that possible with a projection? Anyway, all very skillfully done.

    Kind regards,
  • Hi again Mariusz,

    By looking again, I now also see some white lines on the wooden set of the chairs.
    It is indeed a projection. I understand the picture better now.

    All the best!