To siamesa: carnivals

  • Hi dear Maria,
    of course I saw a lot of photos of the Brazilian Carnival - and not only photos but also some videos.
    So many people, fantastic costumes... I'd like to see it in reality, though, but as long as Brazil is not a safe country (especially for individual female tourists like myself, travelling absolutely alone) I don't think it is possible

    thank you!
    warm regards,
  • Dear Elena
    I'm sad because you are right about Brazil. Really it isn't a safe country. I 'd like that the things were different.
    I live far from Rio de Janeiro, I have some relatives living there, but I don't want to go there in this time (Carnival).
    Here in my city we have the largest parade of the world (Guinness Book) in February. More than 300.000 people. We call this parade "corso".