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Great PaulVDV 2021-11-13 9:15

Hello Mariusz,
Everyone has its own dreams and preferences for a trip abroad. Travelling with children will be something very different. You can't just let them do all the time what is interesting for you.
Also on more adventurous trips I met families with young children where the children took an equally interest in the culture and nature of the foreign destination. But I have also seen families where the (young) children were terribly bored with the visits that only interested their parents.
Some say this is the result of raising your children: instilling an interest in new things / other cultures in your children.
However, it won't be that simple. Children also have the right to be just children while travelling and to enjoy themselves in their own way.
The sea and beach are usually a place where the children can enjoy themselves.
What is difficult for me to understand, is that there are also adults without a child who, year after year, choose a different travel destination, each time in a different country and there they don't leave their (luxury) hotel, stay most of the time around the swimming pool and don't visit anything. Flying to a different culture every year and not seeing anything of that new country, seems awful to me.
Your photo is presented in a good composition.
It is quite a different scene on the beach than in Rowy on the Baltic Sea as you showed us before. No windscreens here :)
The beach is indeed not very dark like in other volcanic places. Yet we see a very poor foreground. I guess not much grows in the wild on Lanzarote.
Best regards, Paul

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Default To PaulVDV: on raising children and immature adults

Hi Paul,
I wanted to address two points which you mentioned in your comment.

First of all, before I had a child I had a very clear view how I want to bring her up, and I imagined how I will share my knowledge and experience with her, nourishing her natural curiosity etc. This was just a pure fantasy though. Children are different and they have very clear ideas what they want or what they don't want. Well, I have friends who have children and they tell them go to sleep, and the children go to sleep, they tell them to go for a piano lesson and they go to the piano lesson. They are obedient and they are like tabula rasa, empty board on which you can indeed instill something. People who get these easy kids usually have more of them becuase the first one was so easy. Very often they also write books about how to raise children which is based on some rubbish theories and couple of kids who were easy. My daughter is extremely bright, perceptive and intelligent. She is a tough one. You cannot encourage her to do something, from early childhood she has her likes and dislikes. Every time I hear people who brag about how well they managed to bring up their kids, I feel sorry for them, it means not that they are good parents but that their children are not too bright. They were the easy ones. But of course the parents like taking credit. It is like the big deal managers who inherit 100 Millions Dollars and start their company and then they write a book how to be successfull (real life case). People ask them questions, people try to copy their attitudes and strategies? Why? Did they miss the fact that they inherited 100M$?
Last month I was on a children party, there was a guy there who started to talk about how he has educational chats with his son etc, while on the party he let him run wild. It was clear that the father does not know about what the son is actually doing, the more people feel self confident about parenting the less they actually really do and/or care.

The second point: yes I agree completely with you. I had a family member who travelled to so many countries and every time he goes there for all inclusive holidays on which he constantly drinks excessively alcohol at the pool. Yes it is a waste for me because you can get drunk without going abroad. The worst is when people with such shallow personalities try to lecture me and try to educate me: Mariusz when you are on holidays you should sleep longer because you are on holidays. No I don't want to sleep longer I want to use every minute because I can sleep longer or drink alcohol at home...
However on this forum there are usually other type of people who like to lecture others. They would say: I have never been on all inclusive holiday, I would never take an organised tour but I travelled in all possible ways. Either you did or you didn't... All inclusive holidays often are a great option for families and those who want to have a good balance of relax with sightseeing. It depends on destination etc.
But I have a feeling that my letter became too long already
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Hi Mariusz,

No, your note wasn't too long.
These are subjects on which everyone has their own opinion and which can sometimes be sensitive.

I can't speak for myself about raising children. I have no idea how well or not I would have done it myself.
Still a remarkable conclusion from you that some parents simply have easy children and other parents have let's say, 'less easy' children.

Funny story about your family member who enjoys to drink alcohol in very different places

You can ask him/her (presumably a man) to draw up a top ten of the places where he/she prefers to consume alcohol

With the exception of study trips a very long time ago, I have never been abroad on an organised tour.
Once in another country, I did register for an organised excursion a few times because the location(s) would otherwise be impossible or very difficult to reach or to be able to combine a few places in one day or in one afternoon.

It's definitely not what I like to do too often.
But there are just those exceptions. For example, it was impossible for me to go paragliding in Nepal on my own. For that I needed an organisation and a pilot (for the duo flight).

I prefer to travel alone or in very limited company. In this way I also met a lot of new people and sometimes even made good friends.
But of course everyone travels the way they prefer for themselves.

Kind regards,
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