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Default Referrences @ dog meat eating


*Referrence 1:

What argument is there for not eating dogs?

The reasons why Japanese laws have protected dogs long before any Western nation did, should provide some clues. Not only are dogs mans most loyal friends, unconditionally giving trust and affection, but there are countless examples where dogs have saved human lives, often of their own accord and at risk to their own lives and they have done so for centuries. They rescue people from collapsed buildings and mines, sniff out drugs, arms and land mines, guide the blind through the densest traffic, help the old and handicapped, speed the recovery of the sick and much more. The benefits of touching dogs and cats to reduce stress and other illness in people are proven. It is a pity that, because of their attitudes, those that regard them as food, deprive themselves of any such benefit. None has been able to put forward an argument for not eating humans either. There are laws against it in most countries, of course. Nonetheless, the practice of cannibalism existed until not long ago and, in isolated areas of the world, still does. Then there are the commandments of different religions, but not everyone subscribes to those. The most persuasive is that their friends or kin are likely to kill you in return, although they might not care to eat you. Dogs are at a distinct disadvantage there, of course.

*Referrence 2:

According to the Korean Society for the Protection of Animals, Koreans do go around in neighborhoods, find "edible" dogs, steal them and sell them for their meat. This is in Korea, we do not know of this going on outside of Korea. If you have a large dog with you in Korea, lock it up and keep it inside. It may be stolen, as dog meat is very profitable.

People in South Korea eat dogs and cats. People in India do not believe in eating cows and are horrified at the way cows are treated in the U.S. As one travels around the world you are bound to encounter things that you perceive as abnormal or unacceptable. Our goal is to show you what we found at a local dog farm near Seoul. We are not making fun of eating dogs, and we are not making fun of the people, customs, culture or cuisine of Seoul or South Korea. As you look at these photographs, consider issues like animal rights. This is provided for informational purposes only.

Because dog meat is expensive, the people in rural areas raise and kill the dogs themselves; or steal them. Several places in South Korea serve dog as a regular part of the menu. It is common. What we did not like about this dog farm were the conditions by which the dogs were kept. Frankly the place was a nasty, stinking mess. Dogs were in hot, dirty and cramped conditions. Fecal matter and urine were running away from the facility. Flies were everywhere. The dogs smelled bad. They were in poor condition with little or no food, and dirty water. We saw piles of dog fecal matter next to freezers that contained butchered dogs, and other areas that were used for cooking dogs. We saw refrigerated trucks used to transport dog meat to various markets and restaurants. We saw dogs being killed, and dogs barking and crying as other dogs near them were being killed by very slow and primitive means. We have unfortunately witnessed cats being boiled alive recently. The scene was disturbing. These practices need to change. If you want to eat dog, fine. Just make sure you know where it came from. Would you eat any meat covered with flies and maggots locked inside of luke warm coolers next to large piles of dog fecal matter with a river of urine running around it?

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