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Great joseelias 2004-08-16 8:20

Well cell phones. In Portugal they are everywhere. As a matter of fact Portugal is the country in Europe with the largest number of cell phones per inhabitant. About 10 million phones for 9 million inhabitants!

About your photo I like the relaxed feeling in it. Good use of sepia and grain. Well balanced composition.

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Default To joseelias: So many creative options...

to consider when one is not simply trying to produce a "pretty" picture. I'm really enjoying all the experimenting folks are doing at TE. Although is has been important to learn how to produce a quality image with good colors and finely rendered details, it is more rewarding to me to continue to explore new perspectives and new ways of conveying images. This place would become quite stale if I simply did the same thing over and over again. One of the beauties of the place is with so many participants one is naturally exposed to different perspectives and styles. Each new perspective opens my eyes to a new way of viewing the world around me. It is quite magical really.

I know you won't mind, but I keep referring newcomers to your guidelines for working with images. It is the most succinct statement I've seen on TE and very helpful for anyone floundering with out of control snap shots they wish make presentable. Yours is one of the steady hands and calm voices that helps keep this fine site on an even keel. I respect both your photography and your contributions to this place that has become more and more important to me as I spend time here. Thank you, and thanks for your comments on this image.
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Default Re: To joseelias: So many creative options...

Yes, after I've achieved a certain hability regarding composing the images, and processing them with success in graphical programs, the most interesting thing to me is to experiment new ways in photography. The diversity that all the members show in approaching and representing the reallity is a HUGE richness. And it's also a challenge for us to do differently!

One of the reasons that keep me showing some more traditonal images, besides I still like them, is a certain patriotism and pride I have in my country (although I'm very, very critical). We've held in the past with Spain a position similar to USA and USSR regarding the influence in the world and I like to show that because it's unknown nowadays.

Few know that it was we that discovered America before Columbus, and Australia before the British, and the american flag in the moon was hand-made by a portuguese woman... I bet you did'nt know that... eheheh

Thanks for your kind words! :-)
There was a time when many people asked about my workflow so by then I decided to post my PP techniques. Nowadays I've got more knowledge, but for the begginers I feel that discussion can still be useful. As a matter of fact I even proposed to create some kind of tutorials with images of PS and PSP to be available in TE but the idea never was very well accepted.

If there's something I don't like it's that type of attitude "I know it all". Personally each day I browse TE I feel that no one knows all. As stated in my intro, I don't even believe "Reallity" exists! I know something exists wich is captured differently by each person in the world and that changes even with the mood, the hour of the day and all events that inflence us. There's much relativity in many things and we should be aware of that. This is probably my Anthropological education talking...

But believe me that sometimes I wish to shout out loud! :-)
I just control myself...
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