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Great macjake 2016-08-13 4:02

Hi Mike
i'll get to your photo in a second...but first about your travels.

As a Canadian, living in the 2nd largest country in the world, I often find it interesting hearing about Europeans complaining about car travels. :)

I've heard many people complain about having to travel 1 or 2 hours to get to their destination, etc in Canada, our country is SO big and vast, we do these trips on a daily basis!!! its very common for Canadians to drive 2 hours a day just to get to work, and we do this 5 days a week!

We don't even think twice about driving 12-16 hours in one car trip - thats no problem at all, lets go! We are very used to it I guess. Infact in Sept i'll probably be driving to Banff Alberta from Vancouver, thats about 13 hours one way - not a problem. Do you know how much land I can cover driving 13 hours one way in Europe!!! heck, that could be 4 or 5 countries depending on location and geography :)

don't get me wrong, i'm not dismissing your recent car travel adventure, not at all. I'm just speaking in general terms about conversations i've had with Europeans and car travel. its all about perspective I guess. Canada is just so big, its part of our culture AS Canadians, to drive long long long distances. We've all done it growing up with our parents, we all have memories of sitting in the back seats of cars as kids, for days and days at a time. Its in our blood :)

ok...enough of that!
as for your photo, you know what it reminds me of right? it looks like a photo taken by Noel. He loves to shoot directly into the sun, he's even said as much.
your wish was to get a starburst effect, well, your wish came true. we can tell its early morning with the wet dew on the grass, and as John mentioned, its a very bold composition. Early bird gets the worm! good on ya for getting this one.

safe travels!

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Default To macjake: Travelling distances

Hi Craig

I was not complaining about the number of hours travelled per se, there were a series of unfortunate incidents that happened when we all met accompanied by a pain in the ass farm owner that resulted in me having to travel unnecessary additional mileage in a short space of time relative to other members of the group. That's what I was referring to in my comment. Taken together the unfortunate occurrences plus the additional unnecessary travelling added stress for me alone to what was otherwise a very enjoyable meeting. The other members of the get together are aware of the whole situation so when I spoke about the amount of travelling I left it at that rather than talk about the whole situation on TE, which is about photographs first and foremost.

As for the normalisation of long trips it is not just that way in Canada. I drove up to 10 hours a day in Australia on my travels and they too think nothing of popping down the road for 2 or 3 hours for a cup of tea and a chat with a mate and then travelling back.

Also, many years ago now, I had a job delivering air freight from Manchester airport that required me to go to the cargo centre to load up at 4 a.m. and then deliver those goods all over the UK. After I had made my drops I had to do collections on the way back to the airport, often only returning at 10 p.m. then started all over again at 4 the next morning - long days and big distances even in this small country of ours. I have friends who still do it on appalling contracts with low pay even now - so travelling distance is not just confined to large countries - some people do it for a living (as opposed to doing it for leisure purposes) with little reward; something I have done - so you are not the only one who knows a thing or two about driving long distances and seeing it as "normal". I don't see it as part of my national character though, I just remember it as a sh**ty job!

At the recent TE meet it was the incidents that caused me to drive more than necessary and it was those incidents which were the real pain in the butt, not the driving itself. But you weren't to know that so I can see why you might think I was just complaining about distance travelled and driving. No worries my friend - maybe I will get to meet you one day and I will tell you the long version of events over a beer!

Take care


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