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My first steps in the world of the photography come from about twenty years now. An period where I borrowed the apparatus of a parent to play the family's photographer for a weekend. Some black and white films later, I recovered a Canon AE-1 equipped with a 50mm 1/1,8 from Canon, then, a zoom lens 80-200mm and a flash, the perfect equipment to start a passion.

Some years later, I have purchased a Canon EOS5 with a more polyvalent zoom lens from Tamron, a 28-200mm, allowing me to discover the advantage of a true zoom lens but also to regret the 50mm 1/1,8 with whom I concentrated my work on portraits photos and night landscapes.

Then, with the time, the photography slowly left my rhythm of life during almost 10 years to turn up suddenly during an extended stay in Morocco. Since then, this passion does not leave me any more, and I try to bring some change in my photographic knowledge by surfing in some web forums or by reading different specialised magazines. To motivate me in that way, I had the opportunity to interest some organisms with my works and they published them, it is about an association for the protection of the tigers in China, a travel agency in Cyprus, in Thailand, an oil company based in Cyprus, a travel guide in Ireland, a newspaper in Hungary.

This extended stay in Morocco also launched in me a sudden desire to discover the world and to immortalise some street scenes or some landscapes on my numerical sensor then also to write down, goes out my personnal memo personal of these trips. From 2004, I had therefore opportunity to accomplish some stays in Europe (Greece, the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland) or in Asia (Cambodia, China, India, Thailand, Vietnam).

My objective from now on, in photography, is to learn more in order to avoid beginner errors on some hazardous pictures to progress and to transform my different stays into small reports with perhaps the participation in some photographic competitions.

As regards trips, if I had to settle an objective, he would be to have discovered all the countries of the world before enjoying esteem. For it, if I look at little behind, it gives almost this:

* Before 2003 : Balearic islands, United Kingdom
* 2003 : Morocco, Switzerland and Belgium
* 2004 : China, Cyprus and Dominican Republic
* 2005 : China, Criti, India, Netherland et Thailand
* 2006 : Cambodia, Italia, Morocco, Thailand, Tunisia and Vietnam
* 2007 : Algeria, United Kingdom, Burma, Spain, Morocco, Norway, Russia, Turkey, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia
* 2008 : Algeria, United Kingdom, Belgium, Hungary, Ireland, Malaysia Myanmar, Philippines, Poland, Russia et Thailand
* 2009 : Algeria, Spain, Germany, Jersey, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, Thailand and Ukraine.
* 2010 : Bahrein, France, Germany, Greece, Hong-Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Norway, Philippines, Poland and United Kingdom.

Some more project concerning Asia:

* Bangladesh
* Nepal
* Mongolia
* Tibet
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