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thanks for looking at my photos and into this intro :)

I found this site when I was searching for photos taken with a particular lens I considered buying (and actually bought). But then, the site attracted my attention further than that because there are so many good and interesting photos here. I like the idea of seeing places all over the world and learning about them from the photos and comments very much.

Bringing a defined purpose about a gallery is imho a very good idea. There are other ones without a given purpose or idea behind them. Though you may find good photos there, both these galleries and the photos in them, may tend to become an end in themselves: The composing and processing of the photgraphs can easily be over-emphasized, even to an extend that results in 磚n-reality. Of course, photographic art can be viewed like that. It磗 just not a way I want to go.

When I happened to see a photo here I found very outstanding, I wanted to post a comment and decided to register. Once having done that, I thought it to be a good idea to post some of the pics I磛e taken myselfe.

Until recently, I wasn磘 paying much attention to the composition of my photos. I didn磘 know much about it, if anything at all. But I磛e started to learn on that and will try to improve my skills. Looking at the shots others have taken and eventually receiving your kind comments on mine will surely help me with that :)
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