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Just like the name of my last photo time has come to close the curtains.

I believe there抯 no surprise in my decision long goes the time where TE was on my top priorities God knows how I loved the place the people the photos.

The true is I don抰 reckon myself in Today抯 TE anymore my fault probably To be honest I can抰 even tell you why the place grew too much; some of my all time favorites left and even those who remain are not half as active as they were in a recent past; the point discussion become too annoying; the overall quality of the photos is a lot weaker; the absence of a strong leadership or simply because we are just moving in opposite directions I抦 focusing more and more in 損hotography while TE is focusing more in 揕earning about the world

Don抰 get me wrong I抦 not bashing the place that though me almost everything I know about photography. There抯 still great members great photos and most important great persons. But I don抰 feel comfortable anymore there抯 no passion so I抳e made my mind (and it was a though call believe me).

I抦 not expecting your reaction words of praise nor comeback requests I抦 writing this as a humble sign of respect for all of those who spent their time teaching me advising me helping me to be a better photographer every single day.
TE played a major role in my life it changed my life I don抰 know if it抯 a definite goodbye from TE but for now it抯 time to move on

But every end means a new beginning the world is a small place I抦 sure we will meet again sooner or latter.

Best wishes for all of you,
You抮e truly special,
M醨io Lopes (Lisbon / Portugal)

I will leave online the series that changed me as a person and as a photographer this is my humble contribution for the 揕earning about the world through photography theme of TE.

You can always reach me via mail:

[email protected]
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