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I love traveling, although I rather consider myself to be an armchair traveller. However I hit the road (mostly by bicycle) sometimes and then grab a camera and pretend to be a travel photographer.

One more thing - I write here what I really think about your pictures. And this is the kind of critique I expect from you. If you do not want to be commented just let me know, please.

I registered on TE in 2011-12-29 but I started my activity 2013-02-07 when I published my first photograph after a long consideration.

I came here to discuss travel photography. And to find out what the reactions would be to my photographs. And to learn how to take better travel photos.
Coming here I already knew Nygus' (Swiatek Wojtkowiak), Hajle's (Slawek Kunc), Maciej Dakowicz's, Sengir's (Antek Mysliborski) and Bart Pogoda's brilliant photographs. And I knew they published here.

However after a while I began to understand most of the members do not care about photography.
They care only about 'the positive critique' and the number of positive commentaries assuring them they are great photographers already.
Such a hypocrisy. :-(
I do not want to say there is no good photographs and good photographers at TE.
There are some.
What I want to say is even people who know how to take really good pictures play that game.
It is so common here that eventually I do not trust the positive commentaries at all.

After 3 months on TE I realized my future activity on TE does not make any sense.

Many thanks to Kasia Nowak for her great disinterested help, appreciation and sincerity.

That's all, folks. Thanks for your attention.

!!!! I still can't reply to the critique/comments nor post to the forums. I've written to the admin about that. No response, though. :-(
Could you forward this message to the feedback/support forum, pls? !!!!
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