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Update 7/20/2009

I'm still taking a good number of photos this summer, but I'm finding that I don't want to be sitting in front of the computer processing them when it's so nice outside! I suspect I'll be a lot more attentive to TE during the rainy season, which is from about Thanksgiving through Valentine's Day. So if you don't hear much from me over the remainder of the summer, I'll get back to you when the rains begin :) Thanks in advance for your patience.

I also need to acknowledge Kevin for turning me on to Gimp software. I now use a combination of Picasa, Photo Impact, and Gimp for post production. I find them all useful for different tasks.

Happy summer, everyone :)

Update 4/27/2009

I now have a Nikon D60! Happy joy. Even though TE says my camera is a D200, it is in fact a D60 - the coated model with the high quality lens. I think TE has trouble with their database sometimes, and as a result I was unable to select the D60.

Also, Paolo hipped me to a $50 software called Photo Impact - thank you Paolo!! I've been using it and find it to be quite powerful. So no more technological challenges, and no more excuses. I've got a real camera now and good post-production software. I'm eager to see where this journey takes me.


I'm a computer geek who's interested in many things, including photography. I got started taking pictures as a kid, with my Dad's Minolta SRT 201. Like my other artistic pursuits, I let it go for many years, and have recently picked it up again.

I inherited that Minolta and still use it, as I like the organic, honest feel that I see in the pictures. I prefer using a telephoto lens.

My digital camera is a 5-year old Canon Powershot s30, which I have dubbed 'the anvil'. Yeah I know, har friggety. I don't have Photoshop neither. One day when I grow up I'll get a real camera and PS. In the meantime, I'm not going to let my lack of technological prowess deter me.

Photography occurs to me as a means of self-expression, an art form, and a language of sorts. I love taking photos because I desire to capture what is beautiful in the world and share it with others. As of spring, 2009, I am finding I prefer my own photos to be of nature/life as it actually occurrs, so I tend to add very little, if any effects to my pictures.

Please feel free to offer any and all constructive criticism, as I am committed to improving this art form/means of communication.
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