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I noticed trekearth when I was looking for some pictures of my home city, Jakarta, Indonesia. I looked in google and saw some beautiful pictures in trekearth. Since then, I always visited the website to look for beautiful pictures from different places around the globe. I just knew recently that it actually was open for everyone to join.

Anyway, about me, I'm an Indonesian living in Australia for the past two years. I spent most of my time in Perth since I don't have car and especially don't have enough budget to travel around +)

I bought my first DSLR (Canon EOS 400D) last year (or two years since this is a new year anyway) and spent most of my saving to get this camera! This is the most expensive toy I've ever had! Anyway, I never regret it.

I've been fond of photography since I don't remember when, but never had a chance to buy a decent camera. I think this one should be great for now.

I've just started to read books about photography; take pictures anytime I can; and do any necessary editing in the computer. I still have heaps to learn. Hope that you all can help me in this learning journey.

All critiques are welcomed as long as I am able to learn something.

All the best for this new year!

Updated: February 16, 2008

After almost two months being part of TE community, I decide to continue my journey in TE with OBSERVATION, CONFESSION, and RESOLUTION.

What I OBSERVE after these months is that point sometimes doesn't correlate with the quality of a picture. A bad quality picture can hit very high points and vice versa. Popularity, reciprocal- appraisal, point-seeking attitude, etc seem to be the reason behind this phenomenon.

I have to CONFESS that I too have been attracted to this point-seeking attitude by increasing my popularity through giving as many "green smiling faces" as I could (many times even without considering enough the quality of the picture I criticized!) in order to receive more points for my pictures. It's been worked effectively! My points have risen ever since I did this. However, I think I've missed the first reason I join this community: to learn and to help other people learn.

Therefore, I've decided to make this RESOLUTION of giving point. Here are my criteria in giving point:
- I will never give the not-smiling face since I can't see any benefit in "jeering" other person's work;
- I will give no point (NR) for a picture which I think is poor in quality and needs many improvements;
- I will give the blue smiling face (1 point) for a picture which I think is good in quality, but needs a bit of extra improvement;
- I will give the green smiling face (2 points) for a picture which I think is very good or even exceptionally superb in quality and thus only needs very minor adjustment or even conveys photographic technique which is beyond my skill and knowledge at the time I give the point.

I will use these criteria when I criticize a picture and hope that other people would use the same criteria when criticizing my picture. I'll try to stick with these criteria even if this results in fewer points I receive for my pictures or in people neglecting or perhaps giving negative comments (not critiques) to my pictures. I would see this as the price for honesty.
Such is life...

Happy "belated" Valentine Day!
May your life be filled with love.
It's around us.
We only need to be aware of its presence...

Updated: February 26, 2008

My biggest pride of being a TE member until now is to have John Maenhout (jhm) disagreed with one of my critiques. He is the leading photographer in TE (in terms of critiques received) and one of the photographers in TE whose works I admire so much. Such an honour to have a disagreement with him...
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