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The Girl by the Side of the Road
The Girl by the Side of the Road (19)
Trip Date:2003-08-01 - 2003-08-10
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Countries visited:Cambodia, 泰国
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Entirely too much time in various modes of transport (planes, river boats, taxis, motos and walking to name the most common), but a great trip. I got to revisit Angkor Wat, see Phnom Penh for the first time, and meet up with some old friends in Bangkok. Lots of sleeping in strange vehicles while travelling, lots of Chang and Angkor Beers. Along the way, I was even lucky enough to meet up with another Trekearther, Philip Coggan. The only downside is the short period of time I was able to spend in any one area. be wealthy and not have to return to work, but all good things end quickly.