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Big Basket in the Rock
Big Basket in the Rock (106)
Trip Date:2009-04-09 - 2009-04-12
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Countries visited:美国
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...Few years later, I saw some photos of the park and reasoned with myself, if it is a National Park, there must be something to it. My interest of the place grew, so I went there for the very first time 9 years ago, and I was impressed by the striking views, colorful geologic formations, and scenic vistas with many points of interests. I stay for just a couple of days, and the second time I was there in May, it was so hot, it抯 like living inside a dry sauna, even in the night it didn抰 cool down by much, and I couldn抰 really do much activities in such heat and sleeping was nearly impossible since I was camping and didn抰 stay in an air conditioned lodge.

So many years later, I slow forgot how badly I suffered in the heat and nearly die of heat stroke :) I decided it抯 time to go back and this time I played it safe and go in early spring. We spent three days here with very different weather conditions each day. The first night arriving and the following day was cloudy with thread of rain, the third day was cloudy in the morning and clear up as the day progress and temperature began to rise, it got really warm but bearable, the last day, it was all sunny and by 9:00 it was already so hot, every little step I took caused me to sweat. Fortunately we are packing up our tent and were on our way out. We made many stops at different point of interests for small hikes.

I was very much amazed by the tenacity of life here in this arid with extreme temperature. As I like to call it, even Death Valley comes alive in the spring time. It is nature抯 resurrection, what better way to celebrate Easter.

I hope you enjoy the photos and I try to show how lives thrive and survive under the condition that seems impossible. I enjoy it very much this time around and would love to come back again very soon.